Korg Digital Piano

Korg Digital Piano

Korg SP-250

Founded in 1962, Korg is a giant Japanese manufacturer of digital musical instruments particularly known for their electronic keyboards, synthesizers and music sequencers. Korg is often credited with innovating a number of landmark musical technologies and products. It was also the very first company to feature digital effects in a typical synthesizer. Its M1 workstation was regarded as the best selling synthesizer in 1988 when it was first released. The key transpose motion was also a Korg specialty and was first perceived by its founder. Korg with its complete line of piano keyboard instruments and sound modules for different applications are simply perfect for both professionals and beginners.

The keyboard’s produced by Korg embraces cutting-edge technology and advanced mechanisms to produce dynamic and inspiring sound. They have also completely redefined the world of interactive keyboard instruments, synthesizers and music workstations.

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