Casio Digital Piano


Casio PX-850WE

Chiefly an electronics manufacturing multinational corporation, Casio, Japan has carved quite a niche in the manufacture of quality electronic piano keyboards, traditional as well as digital pianos. Casio was originally established in the year 1946 by Tadao Kashio, a Japanese engineer. It is also famous for its watches which are known worldwide. Casio keyboards are one of the most popular keyboards in the world today. They provide an impressive array of many unique and distinctive features like drawbar, polyphony, mixer, sequencer, etc.. Casio also provides a good learning tool for beginners with their interactive exercises that help enhance the visual grasp of the keyboard layout and also provides a broad range for experienced players with its unique keys that are touch sensitive. They come with built-in rhythm, external interface to attach pedals and can also record songs. They are also lightweight and extremely portable.

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