Keyboards, Piano Simulated Keyboards and Synthesizer Keyboards

With the advent of major electronic technologies in the last three decades, the world of musical instruments has also undergone tremendous changes. The revolutionary innovations in the traditional acoustic instruments have created a new segment of electronic musical instruments. Innovations in the field of classical acoustic pianos have given birth to electronic keyboards, simulated keyboards and synthesizer keyboards just to name a few.

Electronic Keyboard

An electronic keyboard also known as a piano keyboard or simply a keyboard is a typical electronic musical instrument built to produce electronic musical notes. Electronic keyboards contain white and black piano-style keys which are connected via circuits which generate different notes and sounds. It also makes use of a user interface program which is embedded in a computer chip and handles user interaction with the aid of control keys and menus. Keyboards unlike digital pianos are not restricted to only producing or simulating piano notes but can also be used to produce notes of various other musical instruments. Apart from note generation, they can also be used to provide various acoustic as well sound effects. Keyboards are also used for effortless transposition between notes and accepting MIDI commands. They also come with built-in low powered audio amplifier and speaker system.

Piano Simulated Keyboard

A piano simulated keyboard however is a form of virtual, simulator of an actual acoustic piano. What it chiefly does is simulate actual piano tones with the aid of special software packages. A simulated keyboard allows users to play low as well as high tones. Apart from the usual keyboard functionalities, simulated keyboards are able to generate true piano tones with amazing aural clarity. Because they’re virtually available online they come in quite handy for quick references. Simulated keyboards sometimes provide the full 88-key functionality along with other musical features which can be quite resourceful. They’re also easy to operate and fun to use.

Synthesizer Keyboard

Synthesizer keyboards on the other hand are made to either mimic other instruments or generate completely new timbres. Unlike keyboards, synthesizers are however played and controlled via a variety of different input devices which also includes electronic keyboards, musk sequencers, etc. the musical tones or notes produced by a synthesizer keyboard are actually electric signals with varying waveforms and are simply converted to sound through loudspeakers or headphones. Synthesizers perform two major forms of synthesis, the additive synthesis and the subtractive synthesis. They generally come equipped with wave oscillators, noise oscillators and embedded filters.

The wave oscillators present in a synthesizer keyboard can generally generate three kinds of waveform, the triangle, the square and saw wave. The resonance and pitch is usually controlled with the help of a generator present in the synthesizer. Every major sound and harmonic modulation can be achieved using a synthesizer rather than a typical electronic keyboard which simply is used to make music. They are also an intelligent alternative today with their amazing selection of different musical capabilities in a compact and portable form. Synthesizer keyboards nowadays are increasingly getting equipped with the latest technology thereby making a paradigm shift in the art of music making.

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