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Absolute Piano offer a wide range of electronic musical instruments that includes digital piano and piano keyboards. Absolute Piano is one of the authorized dealers for Casio.

As piano teachers, we recognize how important it is to have a good foundation which will give your children the ability to enjoy and appreciate music. This important building block will play a key role in unleashing the musical talents of your child! We are qualified teachers ourselves, and we put a heavy emphasis on our robust selection process, which leads to a strong base of qualified and responsible piano-teachers for your children. With the right foundation, followed by appropriate motivation and constant engagement, we also strive to improve your child’s general intelligence skills.

We are dynamic and efficient, and we provide a platform for total solution – from the Piano itself, to a qualified Piano Teacher and the appropriate Piano Lessons, followed with a flexible Schedule Management and timely Students’ Updates, we have got it all. And finally, we are so confident that you will enjoy our services that we are offering free, no strings attached, complimentary Piano Lessons for your children to try out! (subject to location and teachers’ availability) enhance the player’s experience.


Our students having fun during our lessons!


In fact, they are having lots of fun!!


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